Ourself is a scientific breakthrough that offers an alternative to injections, fillers, and peels from the comfort of your own home. 

“Injections and fillers don’t actually make us look younger—but rather transform us into a face we don’t recognize, further separating us from who we see in the mirror. We’re really looking for skincare that makes us look and feel more like ourself.” —Vimla Black Gupta, Founder

The Red Antler team and I developed a brand that brought together this groundbreaking product innovation and the emotional desire to recognize yourself as you age—hence the name, Ourself.

Injections can leave your face stiff and emotionless, so we wanted a reverse effect for the portrait photography capturing the models mid-expression. 

A "secret weapon" in your beauty routine, we chose a gunmetal finish for the packaging and kept the sense of movement in the product photography with metallic textures that always felt malleable.

This theme also carried through into the brand graphic, an amorphous ring shape that appears on secondary packaging and photo props.

Lastly, the wordmark was crafted to feel timeless and elegant while the type system is simple and modern.

Red Antler

Creative Direction / Packaging Design / Art Direction 

Ricky Fernades & Heather Hazzan