Sweet Deliverance is a collection of delicious and inspired granolas created by chef and postpartum doula Kelly Geary. What started as a granola recipe created to meet a client’s prenatal needs quickly turned into a savory-sweet mix the whole family was craving.

With flavors made from nourishing, nutrient-dense seeds, spices, and nuts, Sweet Deliverance is proving that granola deserves to be more than just sugar and oats.

With nourishment at its core, the branding was inspired by blossoming gardens with art nouveau influences in the wordmark and framing devices. Every seed starts as a flower, so the packaging celebrates each flavor through thematic floral illustrations.

The palette draws from natural earthy colors and the art direction reinforces the nutritious nature of the product through rich and bountiful vignettes.

Creative Direction / Art Direction / Packaging and Web Design

Sweet Deliverance

Chloe Lukas
Dani Reynolds
Alex Perron